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Oh, coffee, how I love thee. While I generally stick with my one tried-and-true cup o’ joe (Americano), I have been a little curious about trying some different coffee recipes. BuzzFeed came out with a new video that highlights a whole mess of different coffee recipes from around the world, including the Portuguese mazagran, the German eiskaffee and the egg-based kaisermelange which hails from beautiful Austria.

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In terms of flavor, Bud Light is in stiff competition with a water fountain. In terms of advertising, they’re hard to beat. Naturally, they pull out all the stops for the Super Bowl.

This year they went above and beyond for their #UpForWhatever campaign. Apparently “whatever” can include navigating a a human-sized Pac-Man maze. Oh yes.

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You may think that an Irish taco would be doused with booze before having punches thrown at it in the rain, but as Conan O’Brien recently demonstrated, you would only be partially right.

After noticing that one of his employees is a Taco Bell superfan, Coco treated him to a behind the scenes look at the restaurant’s headquarters in California. In the process, they visited the test kitchen and were given the opportunity to make their own creations, which included the marriage of tacos and ice cream cones in “La Cone-A”, The Hands-Free Burrito (which didn’t arrive in time for this guy), and finally the Irish “O’Taco”, which consists of cabbage, mashed potatoes and corn beef topped with Guinness.

The entire visit is chronicled in the video after the break, and includes a taste test of the chain’s experimental “quesalupa”, an in-house museum tour, and employees’ awkward banter with a TV host.

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dexter the rat

Rats have a bad reputation, but the fact is that they can be very cute. They’re also pickier about what they eat than you might expect. Take Dexter the rat for example.

He doesn’t want any of your dammed broccoli.

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For one thing, he’s made from a taco, which are better than Pop-Tarts hands down. Second, he’s TACOCAT whether you spell his name backwards or forwards.

Indeed, Singer-songwriter Parry Gripp and animator Nathan Mazur created an animated music video about a taco cat that’s appropriately named “TACOCAT.” So, yeah.

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TipsyBartender challenged himself to pour a rainbow shot across 31 glasses. Can he do it? Can He? CAN HE?!!

Well, yes. Otherwise we wouldn’t talk about it. Duh.

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Sure, you love your friends and family, but when it comes to pizza, you’d sell your brother for a two-for-one coupon. So, the next time everyone decides to order a pizza, use YouTuber Dave Hax’s sneaky method of secretly swiping pizza to score yourself a few extra slices.

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Anthony Bourdain took some time to visit one of the best burger joints in California–I’m talking about In-N-Out, of course. He also brought a camera along and recorded some of his thoughts about the popular chain. He notes that on his social media accounts, his In-N-Out Burger pictures are typically the most “liked” images, and he also goes on to say that In-N-Out is “the only fast food chain that I actually like and think is reasonably good for the world.”

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Thanks, Anthony. As a native Angeleno, I’m on the same page with you when it comes to In-N-Out’s tasty burgers.

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ghibli animator

I rarely watch commercials. The only one that’s caught my attention lately is the McDonald’s one with Batman and the Joker. But maybe if I paid more attention I’d notice that some commercials can tell a story—like this one from Satsuma Shuzo. The Japan-based liquor company recently released a commercial directed by Studio Ghibli animator Yoshiharu Sato. He’s worked on films such as Kiki’s Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro. This advertisement for sweet potato shochu isn’t quite on that level, but it does present a warm and fuzzy tale about family.

It’s also in Japanese. Anime News Network explains the premise:

In the commercial, the man sees a liquor store that reminds him of home. He finds a glass that looks like one his father used to have, which his father called a shrine to the potato god. As a child, he broke the glass and used all his money to buy a new one with a different drawing, but his dad said he didn’t need it. At the time he thought that, somewhere, the potato god was angry. Now that he brings the new glass back home, though, his dad says he doesn’t need it because he has the glass his son gave him as a child. The text at the end of the video says “the potato god is right here” and “the home town is always new.”

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So, we’ve talked about all kinds of 3D printers that deal with food, but this particular version is definitely among the most marketable.

3D Systems, in conjunction with The Hershey Company, unveiled a 3D chocolate printer at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas on Tuesday. The CocoJet can create unique geometric chocolate designs through pre-programmed synchronized printing methods. At this moment, there isn’t any word on when the CocoJet will be available commercially, though 3D Systems does plan on making it available to the public.

But just as a heads up, 3D Systems also has a number of other candy printers (like the ChefJet, which retails at around $5,000, or the ChefJet Pro which comes in at $10,000), so the price tag will undoubtedly scare off most ordinary buyers.

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