Cats are the animals in charge, which makes it perfect that a cat with a human body is presiding over this dinner that features dogs with human bodies. It’s all part of a fun holiday greetings video from Fresh Pet pet food. All the pets are up for adoption through the Utah Humane Society so if you fall in love with one of these guys, you might even be able to take them home.

They eat of each others plates, sit in awkward silence, and one even hides in his hoodie and texts his friends. It’s just like a real holiday dinner, only funnier.

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sesame street ian mckellen

The Cookie Monster isn’t the fastest learner when it comes to techniques for curbing his craving. He wants cookies immediately and all the time. I don’t blame him. This time, Sir Ian McKellen stopped by Sesame Street to teach Cookie Monster the meaning of the word “resist.” He uses an example from Lord of the Rings, and it’s the most charming thing I’ve seen this week.

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If you love the great outdoors and you also happen to be a bit of a coffee fanatic, then you’ll totally love the COFFEEBOXX. This ruggedized coffee maker was created by Oxx, a design firm from Grand Rapids, Mich., and it’s built to take a real beating. It’s described as being “the world’s first ruggedized brewer for the jobsite or weekend adventure,” and it’s ideal for camping, off-roading and construction sites.

The coffeemaker weighs eleven pounds, uses K-cups and can handle the full weight of a car. Currently, Oxx is raising funds for the coffeemaker over at Kickstarter.

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bakery work

Ever wonder what a baker does all day? Well, if you’re thinking about taking up the profession this video will give you a pretty good idea. However, I doubt you’ll be as pumped about getting up at the crack of dawn as this guy is. No matter what this baker is doing (baking bread, tossing flour, massaging dough or even taking out the trash) he does it with a great deal of energy.

FYI, the audio is a little annoying, so maybe find your own music to play while you’re watching it.

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baked potato taun taun 1

Have you ever looked at a baked potato and thought it would make a great tauntaun? Me either, but one enterprising individual did and is trying to fund “Baked Potauntauns” on Indiegogo. The idea is that you stick a tauntaun headpiece and two haunches onto a baked potato, fill the potato with Luke Skywalker made from butter (the mold is provided), and then cut it open with a lightsaber knife. Because, why not?

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Thanksgiving is a time for getting together with family and filling our faces with turkey and stuffing. But how much can we actually eat? YouTuber Vsauce3 got to pondering that question while playing a lot of Smash Bros. and watching Kirby eat all sorts of stuff. Now he’s got a scientific explanation of how much we can eat, and how our bodies manage to digest all that delicious holiday food.

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This lamb chop clearly has the right stuff.

Indeed, Nikesh Shukla and Nick Hearne launched a lamb chop from the East London restaurant Tayyabs into space in order to promote Shukla’s new book, Meatspace. They attached it to a helium balloon along with a camera and sent it on its way to ascend at 1,000 feet per minute for 95 minutes. At that point, the balloon burst and cut GPS contact with the ground.

The camera’s wreckage was eventually found five months later by a farmer in Dorset. It yielded 100 minutes of the lamb chop’s flight that took it 32,000 feet into the sky.

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baymax cake pops

From the moment I first saw Big Hero 6’s Baymax, I knew he was made to be turned into adorable edibles. The latest dessert to feature the inflatable robot is from Nerdache Cakes: Baymax cake pops! I want to hug them before eating them. Ant goes through the step-by-step for making the treats, and it doesn’t seem too difficult. Well, at least the version without armor doesn’t.

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You may be familiar with the Handpresso, but it looks like a Hong Kong startup called Wacaco, has developed an even smaller, pocket-sized espresso maker called the Minipresso.

It uses a cylindrical system that features a scoop for measuring and tamping coffee grounds, a tiny serving cup and a small built-in thermos for holding hot water. A small hand pump is used to cycle water through the grounds.

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tiny hamster thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and humans aren’t the only ones enjoying feasts. YouTuber Hello Denizen is at it again and has created a miniature Thanksgiving meal for Tiny Hamster and friends. A bunny, rat, and another hamster sit down at the table and enjoy a specially made, itty bitty meal. It’s as precious as it sounds.

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