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Scott with Scott’s Pizza Tours in New York is something of a pizza connoisseur. He offers tours of New York pizzerias, writes for a pizza publication (yeah, apparently that’s a real thing) and holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of pizza boxes. Scott paired up with Buzzfeed to review a number of popular frozen pizzas–I won’t exactly throw any spoilers your way, but the words “cardboard” and “tasteless” come up pretty often.

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Dan Collins with KIKN 100.5 in Sioux Falls heard this strange little rumor that Walmart’s Great Value Ice Cream Sandwiches don’t really melt. So Dan conducted a little experiment and left one outdoors in 80 degree heat for over an hour. Guess what happened?

It didn’t melt–it only oozed a weird clear liquid. That can mean only one thing: It’s a mutant! It’s a hybrid sandwich! No! No! Kill it with fire! Oh, wait it doesn’t melt–never mind! Just run away!

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Manuel Linares, a 37-year-old Spanish physicist, electronic engineer, chef and unofficial ice cream connoisseur, has created a special ice cream that gradually changes color as it melts. The patent for the ice cream is currently pending, but he mentions that the ice cream–which he calls “Xamaleón”–is “entirely made with natural ingredients.”

Folks who have tried the ice cream have mentioned that it tastes rather fruity. Manuel (he created the ice cream as part of his master thesis) mentions that Xamaleón changes color simply because of its chemistry. “Any food can change color depending on temperature and oxidation,” he says.

When the ice cream is first served, it’s purple. Then, a spray (what Manuel calls a “love elixir”) is added, and the ice cream gradually changes to a deep pink in under 30 seconds.

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Yesterday we posted a picture of Tetris-shaped tater tots, and now we have information on where they came from—a company called Monarch.

That having been said, when I was a kid and I used to play the old-school Tetris on my Game Boy, I used to get so frustrated, especially when I couldn’t get that right piece to finish a line. So what happens when a kid gets frustrated with their “Totris” game? Eat the ends that don’t fit and get that straight line piece you so desperately need.

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There have been a lot of limited edition Oreo flavors this year. They’ve come in varieties that range from fruit punch Oreos to Limeade Oreos and now it appears that root beer float Oreos are a thing.

This one actually sounds like a really good idea. Unfortunately, the news hasn’t been confirmed yet, despite the above pic that’s been floating around on Instagram (the person who snapped the photo claimed they saw the cookies at Publix). There’s been some talk of the cookie being a hoax after so many were fooled by the fake fried chicken flavor that made the rounds on the Internet in recent weeks. However, it would have to be an elaborate one, since Got The Munchies reviewed the cookie.

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Well, I’m not too sure how William here is able to pour a beer with his forehead. I’m thinking witchcraft. Sorcery. Weird science-y stuff.

That, or he has a very sticky forehead.

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Alton Brown is the man when it comes to culinary tricks and tips. Remember his recent instructional video on how to properly slice up a slippery mango without chopping your fingers off? Well, we thought his slicing-and-dicing mango trick was pretty nifty, but it looks like YouTuber Smart Cook came up with a mango hack that’s even more efficient than Alton’s.

Basically, you slice a ripe mango around the pit and press the edge of the slices up against the lip of a very sturdy glass. Voila! The skin comes right off!

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Ant of Nerdache Cakes is a pretty big fan of Deadpool, and for the fourth episode of her YouTube series, Sugar Hero, she did a special Fourth of July cake featuring a patriotic spoof on the mouthy merc in a bikini. It’s clever, explosive and, well, rather delicious-looking! You can watch Ant make the cake in the video after the break…

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Did you know that Subway is the largest fast food chain in the world? Or that people in Japan like to have KFC on Christmas? Those factoids were new to me! Anyway, Buzzfeed came up with this pretty interesting video of little-known fast food acts, and it’s definitely worth watching. Enjoy the video–I’m off to go find me some space-Dominos!

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Peeling potatoes is a real hassle. So I think it’s pretty cool that Leo Morten Lund shared this Facebook video demonstration on how to peel an entire bucket of potatoes in less than 60 seconds. Now I can make a week’s worth of mashed potatoes at lightning speed! Yes!

Ok, so the trick here is that Leo used… well, I think he used a toilet brush (hope it was clean) that was attached to a power drill. Then he immersed a bucket full of potatoes in water using a hose, and created a little mini-whirlpool using the powered toilet brush. The bristles peel all of the skin right off. Pretty crazy, right? If you’d like to see the demonstration yourself, check out his video after the break.

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