To promote the upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spidey visited a Starbucks in NYC to literally drop in on unsuspecting customers whose bowels were probably already teetering on the brink thanks to all of that coffee. Unfortunately for Spider-Man, his trip did not result in any upside down kisses or free coffee. Only screams. Stan Lee shouldn’t have been surprised though. This kind of thing seems to happen to him all the time. [click to continue…]

This cat has mastered the kneading technique necessary to make fluffy biscuits and give tiny backrubs. [click to continue…]

If you were an ’80s kid, chances are you were exposed to Nickelodeon’s classic TV shows Double Dare and You Can’t Do That On Television, and are familiar with the network’s famous green slime. Thanks to former Double Dare and What Would You Do? host Marc Summers, we finally have confirmation on the core ingredients of Nickelodeon’s particular brand of ooze. [click to continue…]

Cup Noodle is running a youth-oriented ‘Hungry Days’ campaign that features a look at what characters from Studio Ghibli’s classic film Kiki’s Delivery Service are up to in present day Japan (Kiki is only 17 here, which is four years older than she was in the film). One of those things involves Kiki declaring her love for Tombo. But what happens after that? We’re left hanging like so many cheap noodles on the end of our chopsticks. [click to continue…]

The Memphis Redbirds, the Triple-A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, recently held an Icee-chugging contest that caught the attention of one young fan that was determined to win at all costs. [click to continue…]

Open WIDE! Check out this creepypizza makeup job in full effect below. [click to continue…]

As a meal, this super tiny BLT wouldn’t do much to curb hunger. However, watching someone make a tiny BLT is satisfying as hell. [click to continue…]

Micah “Chewy” Leibowitz of TeamTiki Combat Robotics has given the sad “Pass The Butter Robot” from Rick and Morty a new purpose for RoboGames 2017. As you’ll see in the video below, the butter bot is now a killing machine named “Flame War” that’s in training to destroy all of the humans that brought it into this cold, butter-loving world. [click to continue…]

I should say that shooting your mom in the face with a Nerf gun is NOT the best way to tell her that you love her on Mother’s Day. The only exception is if you are accurate enough to hit the gum in her mouth. Then you can both bond over a laugh. [click to continue…]

You are about to watch competitive eater Matt Stonie take on Big Smoke’s legendary fast food order from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas—all 9000+ calories of it. But first, we need to examine exactly what went into the order in the first place. Here’s the original order from the game (NSFW): [click to continue…]