exploding minon

Hate Minions? Then this video is for you. Love Minions? Pretend it’s an Ewok. Regardless, everyone enjoys watching stuff getting blown up with firecrackers—especially in slow mo.

Check out even more explosive action after the break along with a tutorial on how the edible Minions were made.

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Tacos are the pinnacle of food, so making anything into the shape of a taco makes it at least 50% more delicious. It’s a fact.

Knowing this, The Vulgar Chef made a taco “shell” of sorts using fries, and he filled the inside of the taco with hamburger. Here’s what he had to say about his creation:

The fries are prepared same as with the other fry recipes. I chop up some fries, mix them with shredded cheese, nuke them in the microwave for a good 30 seconds. Form the fries into the desires shape I need.

For the fry shells the desired shape is a circle. The easiest way to go about this is to lay the nuked cheesy fries out on a flat surface, and let cool slightly.

Watch the video after the break…

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tumblr_nqw1lrlOXR1qzfsnio4_r1_1280 copy

Double Stuf not enough stuf for you? Well, there is a solution. You’ll need these baking pans and the tutorial video after the break.

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We’ve previously featured Ivan Owen of MechMadnessDesigns for his crazy cereal-eating machine. This time he had a little fun at the expense of the local pizza delivery guy.

Owen and his daughter built air-powered musical stairs with pressure plates and antique organ pipes. They look just like normal stairs, but when you step on them it’s a musical medley that caught the delivery guy by surprise.

See the video after the break.

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pop art pancakes

YouTuber “Tiger Tomato” creates pop culture pancakes like the Sonic version pictured above using standard pancake mix (with added water), food coloring and raw talent. The perfectly even tones are reportedly the result of using low heat – only turning it up at the end of the creative process to get a fully cooked result.

TigerTomato has created a bevy of edible breakfast art including Pikachu, Adventure Time characters, and even My Little Pony’s Rainbow Dash.

Check them out after the jump.

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watermelon copy

Did he not see this coming? One of the spectators did, yet she said nothing. Apparently, he was sober so that’s no excuse.


Check out the video after the break…

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cheap sushi

Professional Sushi chef Yoya Takahashi from Los Angeles restaurant Hamasaku recently took some time to review inexpensive sushi from 7 Eleven, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walgreens, and SushiStop. You probably already know where this is going, but the worst of the worst may surprise you.

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During the Expo Milano 2015 in Italy, a group of pizza makers broke the Guinness World Record for cooking up what’s officially the longest pizza ever. The pizza (a classic Margherita) clocked in at an astounding 1,595.45 meters in length, which is just under a mile long.

Watch videos of the pizza being constructed after the break…

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drunkracoon copy

Oh, Rocket, what happened to you?

This poor little raccoon is out for trouble, as you’ll see in the video after the break. First, he broke into a liquor warehouse, then he knocked over a few bottles and started imbibing. Heavily. Let’s hope he was able to find a nice tree to curl up inside and sleep it off.

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hotdogexca copy

Juha-Pekki Perämäki is a Finnish excavator operator with some hardcore skills.

Statoil, a gas station chain from Europe, hired Perämäki to show off his excavator skills for a commercial. But instead of digging, Statoil asked the operator to use his excavator to build a hot dog while Perämäki’s buddy, Antti, stood by and supervised the whole thing.

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