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Japan has all sorts of Kit Kat flavors that we don’t get in the United States and a lot of them seem like they would be delicious. This one looks questionable. Apple pie and carrot Kit Kats are a new flavor available in Japan for Easter. These limited edition flavors are collectible and even considered lucky so they are pretty sure to be a hit. This is one flavor that Japan can keep.

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taco donut

Hey, Taco Bell. We know you’re going all out with your dessert menu. Here’s something to think about.

Just sayin’.

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In an effort to give milk an Easter twist, Prairie Farms teamed up with Just Born to create dairy products flavored like Peeps (in other words, sugar milk with food coloring). As the number one non-chocolate candy brand for the Easter season, the marriage of milk and marshmallow was dubbed “an obvious choice” even though customers won’t be able to watch these Peeps expand in a microwave.

The new flavors include Marshmallow Milk, Chocolate Marshmallow Milk, and Easter Egg Nog – all of which are available for a limited time.

(Praire Farms via Consumerist)


Dean Foods, manufacturer of TruMoo milk, has released green, mint vanilla flavored milk just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

The concoction is apparently nothing new, having been produced by local dairies in the past, but this is the first time it will be available nationwide.

Since it is intended for what is probably the booziest holiday of the year, people will surely find it a whole hell of a lot easier to defeat the personal demons that would normally resist consuming something of this nature. If you think you’re among them, the festive milk is on shelves now – but only for a limited time.

(The Impulsive Buy via Consumerist)


Ever felt the urge to go to your nearest convenience store and buy up all the non-alcoholic drinks so you could mix them all together and make one massively disgusting concoction? Yeah, I haven’t either. But YouTuber Hajime did just that spending 56,365 yen (US$475) in the process.

He named the resulting drink “infinity coffee,” and it includes a blend of everything from milk-based drinks, canned coffees and soda to fruit juices, yogurt drinks and energy drinks.

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology has created this very pricey jar of peanut butter that isn’t made for eating. From Fusion:

This peanut butter isn’t actually intended for your mouth (rude, I know), but to be fed into laboratory gadgets like gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers. Smart people then use it to establish an industry-wide standard to which similar food products can be compared. The high price has nothing to do with taste or quality, but simply reflects all the scientist-hours that went into its making.

So, really choosy Moms choose Standard Reference Material No. 2387.

(Eater via Fusion)

bfastkids copy

Every country has its own particular take on breakfast, and these American kids had the chance to try out a view different breakfast dishes from around the world. Their reactions, especially when they try some of the more unusual dishes (like preserved eggs!), are pretty entertaining.

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Visitors to Moscow’s All-Russian Exhibition Center can now buy 11 different types of meal “tubes” that were prepared using the same technology as actual cosmonaut food.

According to Sputnik News, the tubes come in several varieties, including “meat” meals, “desserts” and “soups.” The tubes will run for about 300 rubles (roughly $4.50) each. Yum?

(Boing Boing via The Mary Sue)

icecreamcone copy

If you’ve ever wondered what an ice cream cone made with Rice Krispies Treats would look like, take a moment and soak this in. It’s something to behold for sure.

Nick of Dude Foods made this krispy behemoth, and while it was pretty simple to make, its size made for some unique complications. The cone was so large that he had to use a soup ladle instead of an ice cream scoop to pop the ice cream onto the cone.

(via Dude Foods)

cp-6 copy

If you and your S.O. are planning on pigging out on chocolate this Valentine’s Day, then a chocolate piggie from Tokyo-based candy manufacturers, tutto bene would be the perfect treat. Then again, it might send the wrooooooong message.

Though it’s a Japanese company, the candy makers’ name is derived from an Italian saying that means, “Everything is great.” In keeping with the whole Italian thing, the company makes a variety of chocolates that are pig-shaped, since Italy is (apparently) pretty well known for its pig-themed good luck charms, symbols and trinkets.

The company offers a few different piggie chocolates, but all of them are definitely tasty. The big guy pictured up top is the Gran Siesta, a 2.2-hunk of chocolate that’s made with 35 percent cocoa butter and it’s priced at $68, or 8,000 yen. There’s also the Juliette II, a smaller, tutu-wearing chocolate piggie that costs 600 yen, or roughly $5. Lastly, there’s the Figaro set, which features a mixture chocolate “cuts” that are arranged to look like a butcher’s pork diagram. That one runs for 1,800 yen or roughly $15.

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