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Tomato soup and grilled cheese—every kid knows and loves that classic lunch combo. I mean, there’s nothing quite like dipping a freshly made grilled cheese sandwich into some delicious tomato soup and munching away. It’s pretty flippin’ tasty.

But I never thought you could actually combine the two into one convenient dish without making a terribly soup-y mess everywhere, but Amy of Oh Bite It figured it out. In her latest post, she made some Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Bread.  As you can tell from the above pic, it looks pretty scrumptious.

If you’d like to check out the full instructions on how to make this bread, head on over to Oh Bite It.


We’ve seen pies that look like Cthulhu, but this creation from Instructables user canida actually has some octopus in it. And by “some” I mean a lot. Yep. This berry pie channels the deep and features octopus in the pie filling and as the crust decoration. The placement of the tentacles makes it look as though Cthulhu is trying to escape from the pie. I’m often a fan of mixing savory and sweet, but I can’t stomach the thought of berries and octopus mixed together. Am I crazy?

Get the full recipe at Instructables.


Christmas-themed Sandwich Monsters are the pinnacle of deliciously terrifying (but festive) treats. These tasty Xmas sangies all feature clever titles such as The A-bacon’nable Snowman, the Caribou-logna, Peng’weenies and, my personal favorite, the B Elf T. There’s also a Santa sandwich that’s made from cheese, marinara and cream cheese… and he looks, uh…extremely appetizing.

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If you’re like me, and you’ve got cookies on the brain 24/7, then you might like these custom, 3D printed cookie cutters by Boetech. The Etsy seller makes anatomically correct cookie cutters of brains, hearts and skulls.  He also has plenty of other non-organ-related designs to peruse too, like his periodic table of elements cookie cutters (which you can check out after the break). Gosh, I’m really hurting for a cookie now.

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koolaid breaded onion rings

Nick of Dude Foods is back in his weird food lab again, and this time he had to come up with a recipe using a SodaStream Play that he received. Rather than brewing a beverage, he decided to make Kool-Aid breaded onion rings. Specifically, tropical punch Kool-Aid. He made the Kool-Aid with the SodaStream and mixed it with flour and coated sweet onions in the mixture before frying them. This idea goes on the list of interesting recipes that I will never feel compelled to try making at home.

Learn more about this wacky combination at Dude Foods.


Do you know what I was craving today? A roughly five-pound gummy candy skull that’s packed with 6,000 calories worth of chewy goodness. Super weird, right?

Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to be able to track something like that down, but lo and behold, Firebox came to the rescue. They’re currently offering a candy skull that fits my exact specifications, and it comes in two flavors: cherry and blue raspberry. Oh, but there is a downside: it has a rather hefty price tag. Looks like I might have to save up if I want to satisfy my oddly specific sweet tooth.

Product Page: ($54.89)


There’s a physics lesson hiding in your bowl of pasta. In an effort to show how ring-shaped polymers work, physicists Davide Michieletto and Matthew Turner created “anelloni” which are giant rings of pasta. Traditional spaghetti noodles can be pulled one at a time from a bowl because they are open on either end, but not anelloni. The ring-shaped pasta gets tangled up in each other making it very difficult to separate.

The same thing would happen if ring-shaped molecules managed to get tangled up in a bunch. They’d actually become so tightly tangled that they’d appear to be frozen, creating a new form of matter called topological glass. Think on that next time you’re about to eat a giant bowl of tangle-free spaghetti.

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Look, maybe I’m a weirdo, but I like a sweet pizza. It looks like the folks at Aoki’s Pizza, a Japanese pizza chain that’s based in the country’s Tokai region, are pretty fond of sweet pizzas too. They recently debuted a new pizza that is actually covered with broken-up chocolate bars and pineapple.

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If you’re someone who puts Sriracha hot sauce on everything, then we’ve got your new favorite beer. Rogue is introducing Sriracha Hot Stout which will debut next month with a 6% ABV. They’re still finalizing the details, but expect coffee notes and the searing heat of hot sauce to burn your drunken taste-buds.

Product Page (Price TBD via Cool Material)


Just when I think Nick from Dude Foods can’t come up with anything weirder, he proves me wrong. I’ll learn one of these days. His latest creation stars egg yolks cooked sous-vide (a method of cooking food sealed in airtight bags in a water bath or steam), breaded with Froot Loops and deep fried. He used an Anova Precision Cooker to make the eggs and covered the yolks in crushed Froot Loops. He insists they’re delicious.

Get more information on this interesting dish at Dude Foods.