Weird Food


Wow, doesn’t that cereal look tasty… wait… those are Lego swimming in turpentine. I’ll pass thank you.

Australian photographer T.Q. Lee likes to recreate his favorite dishes using non-edible items for his appropriately named series, “Inedible”. Lee told Mashable that, “[The] series is both a fun visual pun and a comment on the artificial nature of convenience food.” He used a variety of unusual and sometimes thought-provoking ingredients to make his dishes, including tire rubber, Lego bricks, hazardous chemicals, sponges and, yes, even his own urine. The photos are meant to mimic the kinds of food pics that pop up on billboards and on Instagram daily. “There certainly appears to be a growing objectification even fetishism surrounding food — the idea of shooting before you eat, has become almost a custom,” said Lee.

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buffalo wing donut

Yes, you read that correctly. Tim Horton’s has created a buffalo wing doughnut that you can currently purchase at the New York State Fair. This Frankendonut is a pull-apart yeast doughnut that is dunked in either hot or mild sauce and then topped with crushed chips. There’s even a side of ranch dressing. I think I’ll stick with chocolate glazed.

(Grub Street via Consumerist / Image: @AsEatenOnTV)

pumpkin spice gum

Pumpkin spice has officially hit critical mass, everyone. This seasonal version of Extra was spotted on the shelf at Kroger. Is pumpkin spice gum really a thing anyone asked for? I love the flavor and just enjoyed my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, but this? It sounds gross. I never want pumpkin spice breath on purpose.

(TIB via Consumerist)

Indochinese Spitting Cobra

Chinese chef Peng Fan was preparing a dish using Indochinese spitting cobra and died from being bitten by the snake even after the head had been separated from the body for 20 minutes.

It seems the chef was bitten on the hand when he was picking the snake’s head up to throw it away and the jaws contracted in a reflex motion, injecting him with deadly venom.

So, yeah, a chef died after he was bitten by a dead snake 20 minutes after he killed it.

Apparently, he never watched any of those survival shows on Discovery.

(The Mirror via Buzzfeed / Image via Venomland)


There are all kinds of burgers and just as many buns to hold them, but this blue burger bun designed to look like Earth has got to be the weirdest of the lot. It’s even got green accents to look like the continents. You can find this very weird chicken burger at Japanese science museum Orbi Yokama. Try it if you dare.

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ramen poutine

We’ve covered ramen in many different forms over the years, but even I’m amazed by the ingenuity behind this Ramen Poutine.

This dish by Culinary Bro-Down combines ramen fries, miso oxtail gravy, cheese curds, and scallions which is then topped with a soft-boiled egg. It’s French-Canadian Japanese fusion that might actually work.

I’ll bet this is some seriously good grub at 2 in the morning too.

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Tokyo’s Final Fantasy Cafe looks incredible with themed decor, drinks, and food. This blue Ramen noodle soup called Sea King Leviathan’s Chilled Ocean Noodles that’s on the menu, however, looks absolutely disgusting. Oh, and did we mention that it’s served cold? Yuck.

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Bananas are a healthy snack at all, but our fit, slim and all-together-super-health-conscious country doesn’t need any more healthy snacks.  We need something that could take a healthy piece of fruit, like a banana, and then fill it with lots of caramel. Oh, why hasn’t someone invented something that could solve this particular dilemma?

Well, it looks like DestapaBanana is here to rectify the problem. This nifty little tool basically injects all sorts of fillings into a banana (that’s still in its peel) by removing the core. Then you just fill it up with flavor from a bottle. You can also cork it and take it on-the-go for later.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the DestapaBanana will be available commercially.

(Notcot via Gizmodo)

cookie on top of pizza 1

For some weird reason, DiGiorno started offering their frozen pizzas packaged with frozen cookies. However, Twitter user Michael Hudson went a step further and decided to combine cookies with pizza instead of preparing them separately. He topped a frozen cheese DiGiorno’s pizza with a tube of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough and baked them together. Ewww…

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spicy tuna corn dog 1

I’m not convinced it’s possible to improve spicy tuna rolls, but the Culinary Bro-Down has a plausible theory. He’s turned the roll into a corndog. It all starts with uncut spicy tuna rolls, and you put them on a stick and dip them in a cornmeal and flour batter. It’s simple and sounds absolutely mouthwatering.

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