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You can’t fault KFC Hong Kong for attempting to combine two of the world’s favorite foods, pizza and fried chicken, into one insane product. But they were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Details on the “Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken” are scarce, but I’m sure it would run amok on your taste buds.

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Topping areas are limited on a traditional pizza, but one brilliant man in Pitea, Sweden has come up with a solution. Halmat Givara has created the “Vulkan” which you can buy at the Nya Gul & Bla pizzeria. It has little pods with pepperoni, steak bacon, and even french fries. The topping choices are up to you so you can make everyone happy for about £9 or $15.

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Amy of Oh Bite It! is always pretty clever when it comes to creating simple, unique and insane snacks and treats. But I have to say, deep fried s’mores are really something else.

Amy placed some chocolate, graham cracker crumbs and marshmallow cream inside a wonton wrap, sealed the sucker up and then fried it. The end result is essentially a s’mores egg roll.

Check out more pics and the complete set of instructions on Oh Bite It!


You may have thought that deep-fried butter was the pinnacle of outlandish fair food, but the powers that be at the San Diego County Fair have found something else to tempt you away from dollars: deep-fried Starbucks coffee.

The concoction reportedly consists of deep fried balls of dough stuffed with ground coffee, dusted with sugar, topped with whipped cream and served on a stick.

The fried coffee is available at the Bacon-A-Fair booth, although there’s no word yet on how it actually tastes.

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The Dausage is the creation of 37-year-old Liam Bennett from Wales. The name is a twist on the combination of donuts and sausage because these particular sausages are full of jam. He’s already developed a whole range of flavors that include:

-Pork with Strawberry Jam
-Pork and Beef with Custard
-Pork with Leek and Blackcurrant Jam
-Chicken with Raspberry
-Dausage Rolls
-Venison with Strawberry Custard
-Vegetarian with Primula

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Well, leave it to Amy of Oh Bite It! to start jamming Snickers minis into doughnuts and waffling them. I mean, don’t get me wrong–it’s pure genius. But seriously, the human body can only handle so much of your sugary madness, Amy. Take pity, please.

So yeah, Glazed Doughnut Snickers Waffles. I thought they might require a bit of work to make, but the doughnut wasn’t made from scratch. All she did was was slice open a store bought glazed doughnut, toss in a few Snickers like you’re making a chocolate fiend’s favorite sandwich, and then place the sticky concoction onto a waffle iron. Easy peasy.

If you’d like to check out some of Amy’s tips for the recipe, or if you’d like to check out some more pics, then head on over to Oh Bite It!


Pizza Hut Australia is upping their cholesterol game with their newest meaty creation, the Four’N Twenty Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Indeed, the crust is stuffed with eight pint-sized Four’N Twenty Meat Pies. The new pizza was announced this past Tuesday, and it came with a fair amount of drama.

Four’N Twenty partnered with Pizza Hut Australia to make the new pie, and the duo announced on social media that that they were in a “complicated relationship” with one another. As you’ll see in the posts below, I think Pizza Hut has some trust issues that need to be resolved.

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Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester on Supernatural, is currently in Australia for the Hell Breaks Loose tour for fans of the show. In Sydney, he was convinced to try vegemite chocolate while on-stage in front of some fans. His reaction is priceless.

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From the looks of Tym Bussanich’s Instagram account, the man is on a mission from God to create the ultimate gnarly fried snack. Case in point: this tater tot that’s stuffed with a cheeseburger that’s wrapped up in bacon.

In order to make the burger, Bussanich took cheesy tater tots and ground them up. Then he took a cheeseburger patty wrapped in bacon and “breaded” the meat with the tater tots before frying.

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If Birthday Cake Waffles existed in the Parks and Rec universe, then I’m pretty sure Leslie Knope would eat ’em every single day. Instagramer @PeepMySneaks recently whipped up some of these waffles and recorded the process.

He basically took some Funfetti cake mix, tossed in some eggs, water and oil and and mixed everything together. Then he poured the batter (which kinda looks like unicorn blood) onto a waffle iron. Top it off with ice cream and bam! Delicious birthday waffles!

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