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10 Grilling Gadgets That’ll Light It Up! [Featured]

My plans for the Memorial Day holiday weekend definitely involve inviting friends and family over and firing up the grill. I might even bust out the croquet set for a game or two. Inevitably a combination of smoked meats, alcohol and the blazing sun will result in a heated argument about bonus strokes that will culminate in me hurtling my brother’s mallet over the neighbor’s fence. Good times — but I digress. The following gadgets can make your grilling party more portable, more extreme and more fun.

Element Portable gas grill
Until the iPad has an app that would allow me to grill a couple of burgers up on the screen, the Element Portable is about as compact and functional as its going to get. Features of the Element Portable include: an 8,000 BTU burner, 160 square inches of cooking surface, push-button ignition, legs that fold up to become handles, a red travel band, dishwasher-safe runoff tray and a shoulder strap. That’s right — you can actually wear this grill. The difference is that you won’t have to explain to your buddies about the difference between a satchel and a purse — this tote is pure masculinity (and you have the terrible, terrible burns on your side to prove it). $150 — Element via That’s Nerdalicious

Altoids can grill
Believe it or not, there is an even more convenient way than the Element Portable to to grill up a burger — although you will have to compromise a little on the size of the cooking surface. This pocket-sized, do-it-yourself grill is made out of an Altoids tin, some sheet metal screws and two computer fan guards. For a fuel source, all it needs is a single charcoal briquette. It’s everything you need to cook up a single burger or hot dog, and maybe even toast up a marshmallow for s’mores. Plus, you can use it just about anywhere. And let me tell you, it definitely beats tearfully trying to cook up a hot dog with a Zippo when you’re in college and don’t have any money. Saddest Memorial Day barbecue ever. Pricing may vary — Instructables via That’s Nerdalicious

WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery
What would a barbecue be without beer? I’m an avid home brewer, so my guests this year will be enjoying three different homemade craft brews on draft. The problem is that making beer the traditional way is extremely labor intensive. It takes 6-8 hours of brewing and cleanup at the outset withadditional monitoring over at least a month’s time. As you will see in the video, the New Zealand-based WilliamsWarn claims that its Personal Brewery can churn out “commercial quality” beer in seven days using what is basically a set-it-and-forget-it system. They even refer to the final product as “world class,” so you know they believe it’s a step above Bud Light. That’s a good thing, because the “beer” you were making in your bathtub is a few steps below booze made in a prison toilet. $4,473 — WilliamsWarn via That’s Nerdalicious

The Kitchen Magician
The Kitchen Magician is the Swiss Army Knife of grilling utensils. It features an absurd 19 tools in one — everything from a spatula to a coffee filter to a pepper shaker. It’s one of those gadgets that packs in so much functionality that it ends up getting in its own way to become nearly useless. In other words, it’s overkill — like if you mounted a bayonet on a tank. $12.49 — via Nerd Approved

Turbo charcoal lighter
I love the taste of food from a charcoal grill, but my gas grill gets the most use because it’s so much easier to fire up. The Turbo Charcoal Lighter can speed up the charcoal process thanks to a large chimney lighter that can be ignited quickly with a gas-powered burner. It’s also a lot safer than using a Roman candle and lighter fluid, as I found out on one fateful Fourth of July. $49.95 — Sporty’s

Bruce balcony grill
If you live in an apartment, your grilling is most likely handled by George Foreman. For apartment dwellers with a balcony, one way to get around that problem is to use this flower box-style charcoal grilling system. It can be mounted on the railing to save space. Of course, this is still a blatant violation of most fire codes, and the neighbors will probably frown upon hot sausage napalm reigning down from above. Their dogs might be cool with it though. Pricing not available — Henrik-Drecker via Nerd Approved

Meatball grill basket
I have to imagine that trying to cook meatballs directly on a grill surface would be a pretty messy affair — not so with this basket. It features 12 perforated wells to brown your meatballs and infuse them with a delicious smokey flavor. It would be great for slicing on top of grilled pizzas or adding to a bowl of spaghetti. Oooh, and meatball subs — got to love that. Whew, is it lunchtime yet? $50 — Willams-Sonoma

Condiment gun
The funnest way to apply your favorite condiments to hot dogs and burgers is to give it a shot from this cartoon-sized condiment squirt gun. It’s Acme approved and guaranteed not to explode in your hand or misfire and shoot a “Bang!” flag at a critical time. It’s also an ideal weapon in a food fight. $26 — Firebox

Cruzin Cooler
The last thing we need is to make drunk driving more convenient, but the Cruzin Cooler exists nonetheless. Basically, it’s a cooler than you can actually ride. It comes in a variety of gas and electric models, with a driving range that can vary between 10 and 30 miles with a top speed of about 20 mph on the 2,000-watt “Professional” driver’s version. According to the product page, it’s great for the golf course, camping or even trips to the grocery store. It’s also a great, lazy beverage delivery system for your cookout. Just don’t try to drive your drunk friends home on it after the party. Getting a DWI on a Cruzin Cooler is likely to end up all over the Internet. $349-$1,399 — Cruzin Cooler

Roast My Weenie
Roast My Weenie has a lot of fun frank cookers, but it’s hard to beat the original version. You can even get the base custom cut with your favorite team. Actually, it’s probably best to use a team you hate. Think of it like a hardcore effigy or voodoo doll. $17.50 — Roast My Weenie via Nerd Approved

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