Cut Down On Meal Prep With The Foodini 3D Printer [Video]


Who hasn’t longed for the day when they could walk up to a Star Trek-esque food replicator and order “tea, Earl Grey, hot?” Well, we’re inching closer and closer to that future with the Foodini 3D printer.

You can’t plug in a recipe or bark an order at the machine and watch it create your meal, but you can use the microwave-sized machine to cut down on some of the time consuming parts of meal prep. For example, if you’re making ravioli at home, you can pop the dough and filling into the Foodini and it will “print” the pasta.

Given the functionality and price tag of $1,300, it’s probably not for every household. My guess is that’s more likely to show up in restaurant kitchens or maybe in bakeries at first. Pastry chefs could surely assemble some amazing chocolate designs with the machine.

Natural Machines expects to ship the Foodini in mid-2014.

See the Foodini in action after the break.

(via Mashable)


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