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DIY Meat Smoker Texts Nerds When Meat Is Done

Rather than having to constantly check in on your meat to see if it’s done yet, Peter Rauch came up with a DIY-high-tech, meat smoker that texts the chef when the meat is ready.

Using a proportional-integral-differential (PID) controller, the control then modulates electrical power to a heating element to create a home-built electronic meat smoker. A touch-screen display then allows the user to manage the controller set point and control-loop parameters.

All of the technical jargon aside, users can enter their desired meat temperature and receive a text message once this maximum temperature has been met inside of the meat smoker. Perhaps best of all, once the pre-determined temperature has been met, the controller can then ‘hold’ the meat at that temperature in order to avoid overcooking the meat.

(Make via Gizmodo)


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