Everything You Need To Make a Nerd’s Dream Kitchen [Featured]


My dream kitchen does not involve shiny stainless steel appliances, granite counters and fancy custom made cabinetry. No, it involves a TARDIS fridge, a Wonder Woman mixer and superhero spatulas. Here are some great ways to turn your kitchen into a nerd’s paradise, and they won’t even require you hire a contractor and remortgage your house.


Let’s start with your refrigerator. It’s an appliance that takes up a huge amount of space and you use it constantly so why not make it look incredible? I like these Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Decals. You can buy the skins to fit any fridge model and even purchase a an audio module to produce TARDIS sounds when the doors open. Product Page ($165)


If you’re more into evil aliens who want to destroy humanity and rule the universe, then these Dalek Fridge Decals are just the thing. Product Page ($34.99)


You won’t want to put this Boba Fett Mixer in a cabinet or shove it way back on your counter. A little time and some paint have created the most fearsome mixer in the galaxy. I would put this right in the middle of my kitchen table as a centerpiece.


For those who are looking to save the galaxy, this Mass Effect Mixer might be more your style. This one would be even easier to make, since you could start with a silver mixer and just add a few details to make it worthy of the galley on the Normandy.


I know, there are too many to choose from because this Wonder Woman Mixer is absolutely gorgeous. This one is officially made by Kitchen Aid and only available in Brazil. I wonder how the weather is there this time of year because I just might have to make the trip.


What better way to keep your cookies safe than a Gandalf Cookie Jar. I know I wouldn’t argue with him and I can just imagine him yelling “You shall not pass!” at whoever tries to steal the last Oreo. Product Page ($49.99)


The beauty of this Wolverine Cookie Jar is that not only will it keep all your tastiest treats fresh, but one look at it will scare most kids away. Still, he’s kinda cute and I’d like to think that Wolverine has a soft spot for cookies that we just don’t know about yet. Product Page ($44.99)


I love this TARDIS Cookie Jar because it looks adorable and it has lights and sound effects! No one can sneak into your kitchen and steal your jammy dodgers without you knowing. You just have to hope it doesn’t suddenly dematerialize from your counter. Product Page ($26.99)


This Legend of Zelda Teapot is just the thing for serving tea with those jammy dodgers you’ve been hiding.


You can pretend you’re the Captain of the USS Enterprise every time you season your food with this Star Trek Salt and Pepper Set. And while you wait for dessert you can swoop them across the table and rain fiery salt and pepper on the tablecloth. Product Page ($13.99)


Add a little retro gaming flair to your kitchen table with a set of Space Invaders Salt and Pepper Shakers. Just keep an eye out for more of these guys because they tend to come in waves. Product Page ($14.49)


This Periodic Table Cutting Board is dual purpose. It will look great sitting on your counter when you’re not slicing and dicing, and it’s a handy reference for all your mad science, planning to take over the world experiments. Product Page ($45)


This Mario Cutting Board has the potential to be the most meta thing in your kitchen. If you chop up mushrooms on him, I wonder if he’ll try to grab them?


A Voodoo Doll Cutting Board is the perfect thing to keep your friends in line. Maybe it’s just a cutting board, but they don’t know that and who’d be willing to take the risk? Product Page ($24.99)


Just think how perfect these Adventure Time Glasses will look on your table. It’ll be like having a mealtime adventure every time you take a drink. Product Page ($29.99)


When it comes time to more adult beverages, break out these Superhero Pilsner Glasses and your friends will know that you are, without a doubt, a nerd. Product Page ($29.99)


It wouldn’t be a nerdy kitchen without some pi and these Pi Dish Towels fit the bill nicely. You’ll be drying dishes and increasing your math skills at the same time.


Since you’ll be standing in your kitchen, you need to nerdify yourself, too. This R2-D2 Apron is a great start, just avoid any wandering Jawas while you’re cooking dinner. Product Page ($60)


Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Cooks whatever a spider can. No, I have no idea what a spider would cook but it’s just a Spider-Man Apron and I’m betting you can cook so it’s all good. Product Page ($25)


Flipping your pancakes with Superhero Spatulas will not give you superpowers, but it will make you happy on a sleepy Sunday morning.


You’ve got to have something nerdy to serve your guests and these Game of Thrones Cookie Cutters are the perfect solution. They’ll work particularly well at your season finale party, because, much like Winter, it’s coming and will be here before you know it. Product Page ($23)


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