GE’s $10,000 Professional Pizza Oven Can Be Operated With A Smartphone


If you have an endless love for pizza and a bank account with endless funds, GE’s new Monogram Pizza Oven is beckoning.

The appliance can reportedly fit into a standard wall oven cavity and cook “professional-style pizzas” in a mere two minutes. It also comes with a sophisticated ventilation system, a rarity for indoor consumer pizza ovens, and can be operated with a smartphone app.

On the downside, the two minute cook time comes after a “speedy” 30 minute preheat. And let’s not forget that this pizza oven won’t magically turn a DiGiorno into a “professional-style pizza”.

The company plans to release the oven in May for $10,000. So it’s absurdly expensive and impractical. You probably want one anyway. Still, it might be best to save around $9,940 and get something like this.

(BW via Giz)


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