How to Make Your Own Cotton Candy Machine for Just $45

DIY Cotton Candy Machine

Colorful, sweet, and fluffy. That’s cotton candy for you in three words. I’ve loved cotton candy ever since I was a kid and I’m pretty sure you did, too. I mean, what’s not to like?

There’s only one thing that’s better than cotton candy and that’s homemade cotton candy! Of course, it’s going to be made from the same ingredient (sugar and some flavoring) but there’s just something magical about spinning your own cotton candy, right in your kitchen.

Check out the video after the jump to see how Terry Jantzi built his own machine for just 45 bucks.

Terry says: “I built a homemade machine that works spectacularly. Made out of surplus steel bowls, a hanging plant basket and a propane torch, I produce all kinds of flavored cotton candy for family and friends.”

(Spinner Guy via Make)


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