Robotic Burger Flipper May Revolutionize The Fast Food Industry

Crappy burger flipping jobs may soon become a thing of the past thanks to this Robo-Griller that can automatically prep, grill, and assemble 360 burgers an hour:

Built by San Francisco-based Momentum Machines, this robotic burger maker is designed to do the work of three full-time kitchen staff. The current alpha version of the machine grinds, stamps, and grills patties (made to order), then cuts and layers lettuce, onions, pickles, and tomatoes before slapping everything on a bun and wrapping it to go. The only human labor involved is that needed to take the customer’s money and hand over the completed burger.

Besides offering time and money savings, the Robo-Griller is also extremely compact, occupying only 24 square feet. In addition, the machine can significantly reduce the chance of food contamination caused by human handling and will never complain, slack off or do stupid sh*t like this or this.

(TN via MB via FB)


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