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Smart Grill Takes The Guesswork Out Of Flipping Burgers

smart grill

Cooking a steak over a grill is about to get a lot easier thanks to the Lynx Smart Grill. The voice activated appliance automatically cooks your meals based on user commands. The igntion, burners – it’s all hands-off and preprogrammed. You tell the device what you’re planning to cook, and it searches an online database for the optimal grilling time and technique. It even tells you where on the grill you should put the food.

On the surface, it seems like it might suck some fun out of the summer activity, but I can see the perks. You won’t have to worry about the meat being cooked to the proper temperature since the grill will take care of that for you. It will even send you texts when the food is ready. Ultimately, it’s doing more of the thinking for you, so that means you can cook less and drink more beer. I call that a win.

Pricing for the Smart Grill has not yet been determined. It will be available from retailers in 2015.

See more photos of the grill after the break.

smart grill 2

smart grill 3

(Gizmag via Gizmodo)


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