Turn Water Into Wine With The Miracle Machine


Yes, this is an actual machine that will turn water, along with a few other key ingredients, into wine. It’s the brainchild of Kevin Boyer and Philip James who plan to launch a kickstarter for The Miracle Machine very soon. You connect it to your iPhone via Bluetooth, tell it what kind of wine you’d like to make, and then the app will tell you which ingredients to add.

The wine-making device consists of a thermo-plastic fermentation chamber, a thermoelectric heater, a temperature monitor, a motor to mix the ingredients, a custom microprocessor board to control the process and a Bluetooth antenna to connect with your smartphone

The app monitors the whole process and within about three days, you got yourself some wine. In addition to the device, which is expected to retail for $499, they’ll also be selling ingredients kits to make it even easier.

See the video after the break…

The Miracle Machine from The Miracle Machine on Vimeo.

(via Mashable)


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