Eat Your Hipster Disney Princess Cookie Heart Out


Monica from Cookie Cowgirl nailed these hipster Disney princesses with their snarky smirks and beautiful locks. And also the glasses.

She made 18 princesses completely recognizable and absolutely adorable: Jasmine, Ariel, Giselle, Pocahontas, Aurora, Belle, Snow White, Merida, Meg, Cinderella, Esmerelda, Mulan, Jane, Rapunzel, Alice, Tiana, Wendy and Tinkerbelle. She’s piped perfect golden picture frames for each and the ladies are actually drawn free-hand with edible markers. I will totally eat these cookies while rolling my eyes at you.

Click below to see the amazing cookies close-up.

hipster disney cookies

hipster disney cookies 2

(via Between The Pages)


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