Laser Engraved Rolling Pins: The Possibilities Are Endless!

burger fries rolling pin

My first thought when I saw this Burger and Fries Embossed Rolling Pin by Poland-based Valek Rolling Pins was, “oh please tell me you can customize them”.

You can. Yep. Not only do they have rolling pins with cats and dogs and dinosaurs, but you can customize your own.

I’m pretty sure that the best thing about this Etsy shop is the quote on the about page by owner Zuzia Zuber, “I’m a young Polish designer, living outside of Warsaw, almost in the middle of a birch forest! I just got a laser engraver, which I use to make all kind of stuff out of local wood. I hope you like it!”

She seems to be enjoying this immensely and is open to suggestions.

I now want a Star Wars version. Just think of the possibilities!

Product Page ($49)


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