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Drunk Frenchmen Steal Llama And Give It A Tour Of Their Town Via Streetcar


Five drunk Frenchmen and a llama named Serge walked into tram station–yeah, I wish that was the setup to a joke, but it isn’t. Last Thursday in Bordeaux, France, five heavily inebriated Frenchmen left their local discotheque during the wee hours of the morning and decided to make a pitstop at a nearby closed Franco-Italian circus to borrow a llama… because, booze, that’s why.

After borrowing Serge–who seemed to be A-OK with the whole llama-napping thing–the five friends walked to the Bassins à Flot tram station and went for a ride with their four-legged compatriot. The driver of the tram noticed that there was a llama on board and decided to notify the tram operator, who then called the authorities.

Officials from Keolis confronted the band of French merrymakers at the next stop, but somehow during the confusion of seeing a llama riding a tram, they all managed to escape. Their fugitive status was short lived however.

Lucky for them, the circus owner decided not to press charges.

[We’ve had] quite a few more people coming to see the circus show over the last few days, due to the incident,” Circus Owner Jean Beatour told TF1. “I have nothing against these lads.

Check out the French news report after the break…

(Arbroath via Gawker)


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