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Drunken Barman Becomes Food For Lions When He Decides He Wants To Play With Them

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Call me heartless, call me cruel, call me insensitive. But I can’t help thinking that if you decide you want to “play with lions” when you’ve tossed back one too many, then maybe you asked to be dinner.

The short version: Food and drinks manager tossed back a few too many and decided to climb into a lion enclosure at a wildlife park in South Africa. The lions, being lions, ate him.

The barman is dead and the lions had to be shot and no ones real happy about how all of this turned out. The story gives the grisly details, but I figured I’d leave those out and let you go read on your own if you were so inclined.

Me? I feel bad the guy died, but this is clearly a case of human nature vs. the animal kingdom. And, is it me, or does the lion in the pic look like he’s saying “om nom nom nom”?

(via Arbroath)


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