Engineering Student Doesn’t Remember Designing This Airplane While Drunk


What do you do when you’re drunk? Eat pizza rolls and send out embarrassing text messages? Prepare to feel bad about yourself because an engineering student at Michigan Tech got completely wasted this past weekend and designed an airplane.

After sketching some preliminary drawings, he grabbed his engineering textbooks and a whiteboard and proceeded to unleash drunken imagination in the form of an “ekranoplan” – a type of aircraft that travels at high speed over bodies of water. When the work was done, he shared his design (complete with complex mathematical equations) with his roommate and a buddy. The result was an incoherent, but apparently hilarious, presentation that saw him occasionally pass out on his whiteboard and speak in a language that was described as “slurred robot”.

After being confronted by his work and actions the following day, the student, who is going by the name “Mark” to avoid any future employment sabotage, remembered nothing about the experience. However, his roommate took the opportunity to post the tweet after the jump.

Mark is considering building the aircraft in the form of an RC model. Will it fly or simply crash in a heap on the lawn?

(The Guardian via Enterplanement)


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