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German Police Detain Drunken Owl

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The Charlie Sheen of owls was detained by police in Pforzheim, Germany on Tuesday after it got smashed on Schnapps from broken bottles and was observed behaving erratically.

“A woman walking her dog alerted the police after seeing the bird sitting by the side of the road oblivious to passing traffic,” Frank Otruba, spokesman for the police in the southwestern city of Pforzheim, told SPIEGEL ONLINE.

The Brown Owl didn’t appear to be injured and officers quickly concluded that it had had one too many. One of its eyelids was drooping, adding to the general impression of inebriation.

The bird was taken to a local animal expert to sober up. Only water was used for treatment, but we know now that he should have left out some old coffee and aspirin.

(Spiegel via Arbroath)


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