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Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail Causes Girl To Lose Stomach

A British teenager named Gaby Scanlon decided to celebrate her 18th birthday with alcohol, and ended up having emergency surgery to remove her stomach as a result. It was all due to her drinking Jagermeister with Liquid Nitrogen, which is used by certain bars to flash freeze the drink and/or add a cloud of vapor around the glass.

Liquid Nitrogen can cause severe internal damage if ingested, and after becoming breathless and developing severe stomach pain, Gaby was diagnosed with a perforated stomach. The condition could have proved fatal if doctors had not performed an immediate operation.

The obvious question is how the hell someone can live without a stomach, but apparently it’s possible. The BBC noted that people without a stomach can still eat and drink normal food but have to watch their portions and take vitamin supplements.

(BBC and Guardian via Giz)


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