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Man Scales Power Line, Drinks Himself Into Stupor After Breakup

A man in Chengdu, southern China decided the bast way to handle being dumped by his girlfriend was to scale to the top of a 120,000 volt high-tension power line and drink himself into unconsciousness. Hundreds gathered to witness the spectacle, and the man refused all pleas from police and rescuers to come down, staying atop his perch for more than three hours. It was only when he passed out that rescuers were able to get to him. A fire service spokesman said:

We didn’t know whether he was going to break his neck in a fall when he passed out or fry himself alive on the electric power lines. He was very lucky

Hopefully this guy will find someone else and gain the courage to move forward with his life. His liver, on the other hand, may have a harder time recovering.

(via Metro)


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