43 McDonald’s Sandwiches Creates The Towering McEverything


This tower that includes every McDonald’s sandwich, including breakfast versions, is the crazed work of Nick from Dude Foods. It was actually on his bucket list, which he should probably get working on since eating this thing could kill a man.

After all 43 sandwiches were finished and sitting at my table I got to work putting the McEverything together. I originally anticipated it only being a couple of feet high, but as you can see from the pictures it ended up MUCH taller than that. I took a few photos along the way as well just so the whole thing wouldn’t be a total waste if ended up tumbling over onto the floor before I finished stacking all the sandwiches on top of one another. Oh, and if you’re wondering how I held the entire thing together the answer is bamboo skewers… lots and lots of bamboo skewers….

The whole thing cost $140.33, plus a buck for the soda that kept him hydrated during the building process. To get all the sandwiches at once, he showed up a half hour before breakfast was over and then finished up his order once they switched to their lunch menu.

See more pictures after the break…





(Dude Foods via Neatorama)


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