Attention All Pizza Delivery People: Keep Your Pizzas Level In The Car Seat Using This Trick


Yeah, so the Papa John’s Cinnapie pictured above that looks like dough dipped in radioactive mudslide sludge was the focal point of a very interesting discussion on Reddit. A delivery guy offered a simple solution to the problem:

As a former pizza delivery guy, I can confirm that toppings falling off a pizza is pretty common if the pizza isn’t allowed to sit for at least a minute or two before put into the car. Whether the pizza is in an insulated bag or not, 90% of the time it’s put on a car seat, which is slanted so all that cheese just slippery slides the f*ck right off that pizza bitch. That’s why I used to put a bottle in the nook of the seat, under the pizza, to keep the boxes level.

A second reader noted that he managed a pizza joint in Buffalo and requires that his drivers use a piece of 2×4 lumber to counteract the sloping of the seats. Either way, this is a simple trick that anyone transporting a pizza in their car should use.

(via Consumerist)


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