Breakfast Is Coming To Taco Bell On March 27th


It appears that breakfast items are going to be added to Taco Bell menus around the country, starting March 27.

Taco Bell is looking to make a dent in McDonald’s share of the fast-food breakfast market with a variety of portable items that are designed with the Millennial in mind: According to USA Today, items like the A.M. Crunchwrap (scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheese and bacon or sausage in a warm tortilla) and the Breakfast Waffle Taco (A warm waffle wrapped around sausage or bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese and syrup) can be eaten with one hand, thus freeing up the other hand for texting, tweeting or other important social media related tasks that can’t wait until after breakfast.

Breakfast will be served at 7 am or earlier, depending upon the local market.

(via Grubgrade)


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