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Burger King Reintroduces The Big King: A Big Mac Copycat Burger


Let me know if this sounds familiar:

Burger King is rolling out the Big King once again (the burger premiered back in ’97, but only in limited markets for a limited time), and it features lettuce, white onions, pickles, a bun in the middle, sauce and a sesame seed bun.

Sounds vaguely like the Big Mac, right?

Anyway, that’s because the two burgers are pretty much identical–the only big difference is that the patties on the Big King are “fire-grilled,” a “special” feature that separates McDonald’s burgers from the King’s, according to consumer surveys.

In the fast food world, copycat menu items are a common occurrence. “Anybody can copy anybody in fast food,” says BurgerBusiness blog editor Scott Hume. “It’s an easy way to get something new on the menu.” Interestingly enough, consumers rarely pay attention to the particulars of who’s copying who–all they really care about is the taste, convenience and the price.

Keep your eyes out for the Big King at Burger Kings near you.

(via USA Today)


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