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Chinese Game Programmer Doubles Salary By Quitting Job To Sell Street Food Instead


A game programmer in China recently was forced to quit his high pressure job due to health reasons. He turned instead to selling something called “shaobing” which is a popular flatbread that comes with a variety of fillings.

“The work hours of a programmer are long and arduous, sometimes we have to work overtime, though there was a lot of joy when we finished Yuan Zheng Online,” said the programmer. “When we are finished with work, we often go out to unwind, visiting karaoke parlors or playing basketball. Unfortunately my body was unable to withstand it all and I had to quit.”

Fortunately, selling shaobing also comes with a great paycheck as the man managed to double the salary he was making as a programmer.

He and his girlfriend now sell their shaobing at a street stand and earn about $3,259 per month for their efforts which is a nice sum of money in China. They’ve managed to get an apartment and hope to have enough saved to get married sometime next year.

(Tencent via Kotaku)


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