Learn How To Get 86% More Burrito For Free From A Chipotle Master


Since you can never get too much Chipotle, the following strategy might just change your life.

One Chipotle master-patron figured out how to get 86% more burrito for free. Oh yes.

Step one: Get a burrito bowl with a tortilla (double wrap) on the side. That alone will give you 15% more ingredients.

Step two: Order half-servings of everything — half white and half brown rice, half pinto and half black beans, half chicken and half steak, etc. The fajita vegetable mix and corn salsa are free to add, so make sure to do that as well.

Based on the average from 35 test orders, these super burritos weighed around 32oz compared to the standard 17oz control burrito—yeilding 86% more deliciousness for your money.

Check out the proof after the break.



(via Mashable / Image: James Lee)


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