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Dispute Over McDonald’s Fries Requires Police Intervention

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A man in Perkins Township, OH got pissed off at McDonald’s employees because his fries were served from the side catch basin, where they had already been placed in their boxes. This didn’t meet the customer’s freshness standards, and so he demanded “fresh” fries. The manager told him they were fresh, and even offered a refund, but the irate customer refused to leave until he got “fresh” fries. At this point, employees called police.

When police arrived, the customer told them that an employee swung a mop at him, hitting him in the arm, which a witness denied, saying that an employee acted like he was going to hit the man, but never saw any contact. The witness also said he heard the customer call the employee a derogatory name. Because of conflicting stories, no charges were filed.

The customer left with his money and no fries.

(Sandusky Register via The Consumerist)


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