Hoax Prompts Taco Bell To Airlift 10,000 Free Tacos To Alaska Town [Video]

When the residents of Bethel, Alaska heard that a Taco Bell was coming to town, they were thrilled – but then they found out the whole thing was a hoax. However, big wigs at the fast food chain heard about the tacoless town and decided to make things right by flying in 10,000 Doritos Locos tacos.

At 1 pm, a helicopter carried a taco-packed truck to the town cultural center, and over the next four hours, most of the town’s 6,200 citizens showed up to eat. According to Bethel’s former mayor:

“You could take two if you wanted, then get back in line and take two more as many times as you wanted.”

I guess that answers the question of where this photo originated. Check out a video of the event after the jump.

(AD and ABC via TC)


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