KFC Is Poised To Carve Out A Juicy Piece Of The Smartphone Market

Watch your back Apple—the coveted die-hard fried chicken fan demographic is about to be dominated by KFC.

Yes, the Kentucky Fried Chicken-branded smartphone from Huawei is real, and it is the latest bizarre addition to their growing novelty product lineup.

The limited edition KFC Huawei 7 Plus celebrates 30 years of KFC in China, and features a fingerprint scanner, 3GB RAM, 16 or 32GB of memory and can support a 128GB Micro SD card. It also comes preloaded with the KFC app and a music app that basically functions as a jukebox for customers while dining at a KFC location.

The phone will be available for around $161 in China starting on Thursday, which is a finger lickin’ good deal on a phone with decent specs if you ask us. See it in action below.

(via Mashable)


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