KFC’s New Go Cup Snacks Fit Perfectly In Your Cupholder


KFC’s new Go Cups are designed to fit in your car’s cupholder so you eat on the go. They’ve introduced 5 different varieties which all contain potato wedges and one of their chicken products for $2.49.

With KFC Go Cups there are five different ways you can enjoy the great taste of KFC® on the go. Fill your Go Cup with Chicken Littles®, Original Recipe® Bites, Hot Wings™, Original Recipe® Boneless, or Extra Crispy™ Tenders and a serving of crispy seasoned potato wedges. All this comes in a package that easily fits in your car cup holder, making it the perfect on the go snack.

I only have one question. If you get this and a drink, what happens if you only have one cup holder?

(via Grub Grade)


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