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Man Tosses Dead Squirrel Into a Drive-Thru Window

A 26 year old man faces charges of disorderly conduct after he allegedly threw a dead squirrel into a Hardee’s drive-thru window. After he pulled up to the window to receive his order, he asked an employee for “extra nuts” for his pet, which he was reportedly holding and petting at the time. The employee responded by saying “That squirrel is not real,” then turned to walk away. At that point the man said “Yes, it is”, and threw the rodent corpse through the window, where it slid across a ledge and landed on the restaurant floor.

A customer removed the squirrel from the restaurant and the man was later tracked down and charged with a misdemeanor offense. The man said the whole thing was a “stupid prank”, and stated that he thought the drive-thru window was closing and that the squirrel would not actually enter the restaurant.

(PJStar via The Consumerist)


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