McDonald’s China Introduce “Spicy Pork Nuggets” To Their Menus


Ok, I have to confess something: McDonald’s chicken nuggets are actually pretty decent. But what if they could be improved? Sure, you could make them healthier, or you could go in the opposite direction: Why not replace that possibly mutant chicken with some questionable pork? That sounds kinda tasty, right?

McDonald’s chains in China have recently added a new line of spicy pork nuggets to their menus. The Beijinger team did a brief taste-test of the nuggets, and they had this to say:

…these porky spheres of goodness have a crispy coating like their poultry counterparts, but the added bonus of a delicious, mildly spicy bite to them courtesy of that wonderful salt-pepper-MSG combination known as 椒盐, technically salt and pepper but so much more.

On the other hand, Heather Timmons with Quartz wasn’t so keen on the piggy nuggets:

If you were drunk, and could stop yourself from thinking about how the pork product interior was actually made, they’d probably be awesome.

Well, it sounds like the jury’s still out on the spicy pork nuggets. Looks like I’m going to have to fly to China to investigate!

(via The Consumerist)


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