McDonald’s Employees In Taiwan Get To Cosplay For Special Occasions

mcdonald's cosplay 1

If you head to a McDonald’s in Taiwan on New Year’s Eve, you might have your fries served with a side of cosplay. Employees are taking special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s and turning them into costume wearing occasions. I applaud this idea; let’s make every holiday like Halloween!

Apparently, the costumes are a way to bring in more customers before the year ends, and sometimes they even pay models to come in. Outfits have been based on Child’s Play, Frozen, Dragon Ball, and more. I think McDonald’s should build upon this idea and change the food names on their menus to match the costumes.

See more fast food cosplay pictures after the break.

mcdonald's cosplay 2

mcdonald's cosplay 3

mcdonald's cosplay 4

mcdonald's cosplay 5

Even more pics at the below link.

(via Kotaku, photos via Getjetso, NOWnews, and ET Today)


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