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Neil Gaiman’s Words Will Now Decorate Chipotle Cups


It’s rare that we pay attention to what’s written on the bags and cups that hold our food, but you’ll want to look a little more closely at your cup next time you eat at Chipotle. The fast food chain’s Cultivating Thought program was first announced back in May, but now we know it will include famous writers Gaiman, Jeffrey Eugenides, Amy Tan, Barbara Kingsolver, Paulo Coelho, and comedian Aziz Ansari decorating their cups and bags.

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The words won’t just be straight out of works the authors have already penned, but new material designed to make you think about something you might not have considered. Gaiman, for example, chose to write about refugees for his cup. If you’re not a fan of Chipotle, you can still read everything at the Cultivating Thought website.

(via Consumerist)


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