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Pizza Hut Receipt Sez “Careful This Gal Is a Bitch”

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Someone at a Nebraska Pizza Hut didn’t realize that his “note” to employees was going to get printed on the receipt.

Hence, when the customer got the free pizza she’d gotten after a complaint about a prior order, she got a message reading “CAREFUL THIS GAL IS A BITCH.” along with her total.

Can I just offer a couple thoughts here?

1) Okay, yeah, the employee was an idiot. I actually think this was a mistake and that they thought it was an internal note (if you’ve ever worked in customer service, you know what I’m talking about) and, unlike the “F*ck You” incident at the Burger King, didn’t think the customer would see it.

2) She didn’t eat the free pizza because she was afraid it had been “tampered with.”

3) Pizza Hut sent this woman a written apology and offered her free pizzas, but she’s planning to sue.

She’s going to sue. Because someone said she was a bitch on a Pizza Hut receipt. Legal action. Over being called a name. Uh.

Okay, so since she can’t sue for slander ::grin:: (cause the employee clearly was telling the truth) what is she going to sue for?

(The Consumerist via WOWT)


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