Taco Bell Is Launching An Upscale Version Of Itself With A Ridiculous Name


Taco Bell is expanding into the upscale taco market with a new chain called US Taco Co. and Urban Taproom. That just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed told Restaurant News that the new chain targets wealthier customers who are “edgy in how they live their lives but not necessarily in how they eat.”

I don’t know, taking a chance on whatever it is Taco Bell has concocted in any given week is living pretty damn edgy if you ask me.

Diners will be able to nosh on the “One Percenter” which has fresh lobster and garlic butter or the “Winner Winner” which features a chicken breast topped with gravy. Those looking to try this new upscale but still, you know, Taco Bell-inspired menu, can try it when the first location opens in Huntington Beach, California this summer.

(Slate via Geekosystem / Image via Antonio Morales Garcia)


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