Gamer Camps Out At Taco Bueno To Complete His Quest For An Exotic Destiny Weapon


It takes dedication to succeed at grind-heavy games like Destiny, but gamer “LAN Fiesta” definitely has what it takes. The Destiny fan wanted to purchase an in-game weapon called “The Last Word.” Xur, Agent of the Nine is a merchant that sells unique items (including “The Last Word”), but the enigmatic vendor only hangs around a location known as the Tower for 48 hours each week. The price for the gun was 23 Strange Coins, and our hero LAN only had 16. So, with only two days to gather his coins, LAN started his quest.

He made it up to level 25, earning six coins. Then there was a slight SNAFU: the power went out. So, LAN did what any dedicated gamer would do–he loaded up his Xbox One and a small TV into his truck and set up shop at McDonald’s (after buying a burger and a large drink, of course). The chain closed at 11 pm, so he had to transfer over to a near by Taco Bueno to finish up. The employees rewarded him for his efforts too, giving him a free plate of nachos to keep him fueled.

LAN noted in an Imgur gallery that:

“at about [1 a.m.] the [restaurant] was locked up and it was just me and the employees chilling out and we finally [achieved] our goal.”

“After I told them thanks they responded with ‘It’s Destiny, we understand’ which made me believe that these two ladies may have known my quest for The Last Word was worth it the whole time!”

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The Quest for the Last Word

(via Polygon)


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