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The TacoBot Is Your Taco Bell Ordering Butler


Bots! They’re not just trying to get your credit card info via AOL Instant Messenger anymore. Now they want to sell you tacos. Taco Bell has partnered with community messaging service Slack to introduce a chat bot that you can use to order… well, whatever you like, be it a couple of beef tacos or a Cheesy Gordita Crunch. It can also help you select your fillings and make recommendations—and it does it all with a little personality.

Taco Bell’s “Director of Digital Innovation” (a job I had no idea even existed, but now I want it desperately) said in a statement that “Taco Bell is about food tailor-made for social consumption with friends, and that’s why integrating with a social communications platform like Slack makes perfect sense. TacoBot is the next best thing to having your own Taco Bell butler… and who wouldn’t want that??”

Who indeed! Unfortunately there’s a waiting list to have the bot implemented in your workplace. Currently limited beta testing is happening at companies such as Fullscreen, Giphy and FoodBeast.

Will bots take off? Do we want to give our order to a simulated person-esque thing on the end of a pretend chat conversation? Is this how society ends, not with a bang but with a Crunch Wrap? Can I get my post-apocalyptic scenario to go?

(via The Verge)


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