Your Mom Will Love KFC’s Romance Novella ‘Tender Wings Of Desire’

What woman doesn’t dream of being whisked away by sexy Colonel Sanders? Go ahead—picture your mom in the strong arms of the Colonel as they share a passionate, greasy kiss. Now that you’re deeply disturbed, I should inform you that KFC has turned this tender, juicy fantasy into a novella that you can download for free on Amazon. The synopsis reads:

When Lady Madeline Parker runs away from Parker Manor and a loveless betrothal, she finally feels like she is in control of her life. But what happens when she realizes she can’t control how she feels? When she finds herself swept into the arms of Harland, a handsome sailor with a mysterious past, Madeline realizes she must choose between a life of order and a man of passion. Can love overcome lies? What happens in the embrace of destiny, on the Tender Wings of Desire?

Read the preview:

And watch the promotional video:

Word on the street is that a smutty porn film based on book is already in the works called $5 Fill-Ups. Turned on yet?

(via Bustle)


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