The BK Chicken Nugget Heist That Never Was


Gotta buckle those nuggets up for safety.

A dude going by the name “Zealot” on Twitter recently told the world that he would no longer be working at Burger King and that he had confiscated all of their chicken nuggets, justifying his actions with a simple “f*ck it”.

The social media response was swift, ranging from affirmations of hero status to requests for nugget sharing. However, when a news station contacted him about the nuggetnapping, he revealed that he had actually been asked to pick up extra chicken nuggets from another store and was transporting them when the idea struck.

At least now we know that customers in the area didn’t have to go nuggetless. Must have been tempting though—to just drive off with those nuggets and never look back. Head to Mexico and lay low, living off tens of dollars in nugget riches.

(via Mashable)


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