This Is How You Can Spend $400 On A White Castle Slider


It can be incredibly easy to drop $250 at Williams-Sonoma. That’s not too far off the price of the least expensive KitchenAid mixer model. But, Nick of Dude Foods didn’t have a need for anything at Williams-Sonoma even though some tools and gadgets appealed to him. He thinks they’re overpriced and felt bad about buying them. Instead, he dropped $200 on an ounce of white Italian truffles. No, I don’t know why he didn’t feel guilty about that (especially in light of what he was about to do with them).

Rather than trying to put them in a fancy food dish, he talked with a friend and ended up making the most expensive White Castle slider he could come up with. We all have to have goals, I guess. Here’s what he put on the slider:

A slice each of Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Hook’s 15 Year Cheddar, priced at $25 and $80 per pound
1 ounce white Italian truffles
A couple of ounces of prosciutto
A slice of duck foie gras
Port wine pate
Russian caviar
A fried quail egg
24K gold flakes

It adds up to $400, and as you’d imagine with that combination, it didn’t taste amazing. What a tremendous waste of money.

Read more about the misadventure at Dude Foods.


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