9 Of The Nerdiest Menus From Restaurants And Bars Around The World [Featured]

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We all love food and drinks with nerdy themes, especially when it comes from an equally geeky establishment. Unfortunately, going out to eat and being greeted by a nerdy menu is still something of a rare event. We don’t know why, but many places still choose to use the rather boring menu format without a themed-item in sight!

To fulfill our craving for creatively geeky menus, we conducted a search around the world. Here are nine of the nerdiest menus from the United States and abroad. See the menus and some of their deliciously nerdy food and drink after the break!

42 Lounge


Photo courtesy of 42 Lounge

There’s no denying that 42 Lounge has one of the nerdiest drink menus we’ve ever seen. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 42 Lounge’s menu is a perfect fit for an atmosphere where talking about everything from Doctor Who to Star Trek is the norm and you can spend some time on a gaming console or join in a cosplay event.


Butterbeer from 42 Lounge. Photo by Bokeh Effect


Harley Quinn’s Ace from 42 Lounge. Photo by Bokeh Effect

Their themed cocktails include Smaug and the Jack Sparrow. Shots take inspiration from Star Wars and Game of Thrones while their selection of mead and wine might appeal to the zombie killers out there. They even have comic book and video game-themed martinis!

Miracle of Science Bar and Grill

Photo courtesy of Dennis Silva

Does it get any geekier than putting your menu inside a periodic table? The Miracle of Science Bar and Grill in Cambridge, Massachusetts will challenge you to recall a bit of your science education when you order your food.

The Hobbit Pub


Image courtesy of The Hobbit Pub

If your establishment is called The Hobbit Pub, then there’s no doubt your menu is going to be pretty nerdy! This pub in Southampton, England has a menu that will be heaven to any J.R.R. Tolkien fan. Their colorful cocktails are fitting for the dwarves, elves, hobbits, and wizards that lend them their names.


Image courtesy of The Hobbit Pub

Their shooters will also appeal to fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. These elements combined with the Middle Earth style in which the menus are presented make this a must-visit spot for geeks.

Action Burger

action burger

Image courtesy of Action Burger / Click To Enlarge

This New York City-based restaurant and comic book shop adds a new level of nerdy to their menu. It includes themed food inspired by superheroes and supervillains but not the boring ones we’re all familiar with. These take their inspiration from a range of science fiction comics and novels, the BIAlien/BIO-Sapien series, written by the restaurant’s owner.


Photo courtesy of Action Burger

Action Burger’s menu will introduce you to some new characters and allow you to eat like the unique hero or villain you are!


Photo courtesy of Inamo Restaurant

Tech nerds might be tempted to play with this menu instead of using it to order their food. In this London restaurant the dining experience is put right in your hands thanks to their interactive ordering system. The illustrated food and drinks menu is projected on your table’s surface.

The Way Station


Image courtesy of The Way Station

The Way Station is known as the Doctor Who-themed bar in Brooklyn not just because it has a TARDIS inside. The Doctor Who drinks on the menu are particularly awesome, starring not just the Doctors but some classic companions.


Shirley Temple of Doom. Photo courtesy of The Way Station


Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver. Photo courtesy of The Way Station

Of course their menu will appeal to both science fiction and pop culture geeks alike as it takes inspiration from much more than just the Doctor!

Insert Coin(s)


Image courtesy of Christopher LaPorte  

As you enjoy the nerdy atmosphere of this bar and night club in Las Vegas with VIP gaming booths and arcade games, you’ll discover a fittingly geeky menu to match! Gamers will love their specialty cocktails inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, and more.

Battle & Brew

Photo courtesy of Battle & Brew / Click To Enlarge

As Atlanta’s first game bar, Battle & Brew makes a nerdy impression with it’s menu. The drinks aren’t the only thing clearly inspired by video games here. Fun food like the tri-force burrito will have you smiling. Add a Pokémon shot and you’ll be taking full advantage of the geeky menu options.

AFK Tavern


Image courtesy of AFK Tavern

Geeks and gamers will feel at home at this geek bar in Everett, Washington, especially after checking out the menu. Always wondered what Romulan ale tasted like? You can order some at AFK and pair it with a nerdy burger or entrée like The Muggle for a completely geeky meal!


Image via AFK Tavern

Been to any other awesomely nerdy bars and restaurants? Let us know in the comments!


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