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A Nerdalicious Holiday Gift Guide For Foodies [Featured]

Some things are accepted as universal truths. Sure, there’s that whole “everyone has the right to pursue happiness” bit, but these facts are also permanent: there will always be people who love to eat and people who love to cook. Several of them will be on your holiday shopping list, and they will also be geeks (I’ve drawn a Venn diagram). We’ve picked out the best of nerdy food and cooking wares and gadgets to help make holiday shopping easier.

The Blacktop 360 Portable Grill
Grills you can tote around are handy for camping and tailgating among other activities. The Blacktop 360 has a deep fryer, a warming plate, and and infrared grill. Plus, it’s collapsible. $249.99 – Blacktop 360

Manly Boxed Wine
Boxed wine normally doesn’t make the gift guide list. Sometimes, you have to make exceptions. This case is an upcycled U.S. Army ammo case, and it’s been converted to the coolest portable wine box possible. It holds four bottles worth of the win. $70-$80 – Thrillist

Shot Glass of Doom
Any shot glass collection is incomplete without this stunning hand blown crystal skull. Sure, it cuts down on the amount of alcohol per shot, but it’s worth it. It’s so much better than a souvenir glass from Vegas. $10 – Perpetual Kid

Walking Dead Lunchbox
Zombies make lunch time better. This Walking Dead lunchbox is perfect for all ages and brain preferences. $19.99 – Amazon

WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery
Homebrewing is rewarding but not always easy. It’s a considerable investment of time and energy. Save someone you love time with this speedy personal brewery. It’s supposed to churn out high quality beer in just seven days with a minimum of effort. $4,473 – WilliamsWarn (only available in New Zealand)

Superhero Aprons
Wearing a superhero apron in the kitchen is one way to ensure foolproof recipes. Okay, that may not be the case, but you can cosplay while cooking. Batman and Wonder Woman have gadgets, and so do chefs. $24.99 – ThinkGeek – Batman, Wonder Woman

Marvel Comics Pint Glasses
Gear up for The Avengers by gifting these Marvel comics glasses. Guinness tastes better when it’s paired with Captain America. If the recipient prefers DC Comics, well, you’ve got options. $9.99 – ThinkGeek

Mobile Beer and Burger Bar
Mix stainless steel, a keg, and a grilling surface, and you have a gift worth worshipping. It’s sexy and functional, and did I mention you can flip cheeseburgers on it? It’s perfect for putting in the back yard next to the pool. $11,000 – Alpina

Battlestar Galactica Top Gun Stein
Since you probably can’t score an actual Viper for the wannabe pilot in your life, this 1:1 scale replica of a prop from Battlestar Galactica will have to do. And trust us, it will do just fine. $59.99 – QMx

Bacon Cologne
Bacon is all the rage, and it doesn’t seem like its popularity is going to fade anytime soon. The perfume smells like bacon but only slightly. At the least, it’s sure to get a laugh. At best, you will be irresistible. $36 – Fargginay

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