Five Fantastic Geeky Bento Boxes [Featured]

Portal Bento Box

Bento boxes are a fun way to eat a healthy lunch with small portions and express your creativity. When I used to pack bento boxes, I’d try to make a “fun” one once a week. Some of these geeky bento designs include how-tos but even if they don’t, you can take inspiration from them. Look closely to see what type of vegetable and food people use for various colors, examine the shapes and themes – then go make something awesome.

Portal bento box by mindfire3927.

Check out four more boxes after the break.

Super Mario Bros bento box

This is the tastiest Super Mario Bros. combination. Design and tutorial by Mini Cute Club.


Munch on Totoro for lunch! Anna the Red is helpful and lists each item used to contruct this piece of edible art.

Princess Zelda bento

Princesses look beautiful in cheese. This Zelda box is by My Meal Box.

Finally, learn how to make your very own Ewok bento box!


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