Six Gifts For The Nerdy Kitchen [Gift Guide]

nerdy kitchen gift guide

The kitchen is a wonderful place to add nerdy touches, and there are more accessories available than ever before. You can choose from a variety of franchises to decorate your counters and fill your drawers.

Our suggestions include everything from cookie jars to nerdy cosplay aprons—check them out after the break…

coffee capsule donkey kong

Several people own single cup coffee machines like Keurigs, and the coffee capsules have to be stored somewhere. Why not make a game out of it with CapsuleKong? The wall mounted display will make drinking coffee even more awesome. ($169.00)


Nothing will keep receipts and cookies safer than a Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister. Even if nothing is ever put in the jar, it’s great counter decoration. ($29.99)

periodic table cutting board

Anyone who chops things in the kitchen will appreciate learning some science as they dice and mince. This Periodic Table Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board is handmade and would make an unforgettable present. ($45)


Giving the gift of a fridge that’s bigger on the inside isn’t affordable or practical – unless you give someone a TARDIS kit to upgrade their existing icebox! It’s ideal for Whovians who are running out of room for collectibles. ($185)

arwen and aragorn salt and pepper shakers

Salt and pepper shakers are a perfect place to add some geek love, and there are plenty of options. This Arwen and Aragorn set is just one of several available choices for LOTR, but you can make these two kiss. It’s entertaining. ($14.99)

harley quinn apron

I’m going to lay down a truth about aprons: you don’t need to be a baker to own one. It’s a fun gift for just about anyone and you can go with styles based on characters from comic books, gaming, and TV. >Harley Quinn is just one of the examples available from Bambino Amore. ($60 and up)


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