Star Wars Gifts For Foodies: Will The Force Make Me a Better Cook?

Did you ever think, “Hey, I would love for my kitchen to have a Star Wars theme!” I have. Of course, I was just thinking about decor. I could put up a shelf for some of my toys and maybe make some Yoda themed contact paper for the cupboards. But I can go a step beyond that now. I can actually stock my kitchen with Star Wars gadgets and serving things and baking accessories. I think I can say that there has never been such a wide range of Force sensitive cooking gear available. Oh yes, it goes far beyond the Williams-Sonoma cookie cutters and pancake molds.

Speaking of those, in case you didn’t know, Williams-Sonoma has a pretty kicking Star Wars line. You can get everything from a Darth Vader spatula to Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter shaped sandwich cutters. Yes, just like that, you can have an epic space battle with your food. Well, now with ship shaped food.

What else? Well, don’t forget to buy a pair of Star Wars Chop Sabers from Entertainment Earth. You have to provide your own sound effects while dining, but they are still awesome. Sometimes I like to stab my food with them for extra effect. And also because I’m not that good with chopsticks.

Oh – and ThinkGeek also has a R2-D2 Peppermill. It will look perfect on your dinner table right next to the glass of blue milk.

The shop has a few things to bring your kitchen up to lightspeed too. Have you always wanted to don a Slave Leia costume but found it way too revealing? You can get a taste of the experience while keeping your clothes safe from Wampa steak grease with this Slave Leia apron designed by Spencer Brinkerhoff III. You can go for Darth Vader too. Though Vader is not in a metal bikini. Thankfully.

The same shop has a very easy to control Space Slug Oven Mitt and Darth Vader Toaster. The toaster leaves a Darth Vader burn mark on every slice. It’s like seeing the Virgin Mary but geekier!

And we’re not through yet! I know! How could it be that there is even more? Well happens to have a roomy Clone Trooper Helmet Cookie Jar. Don’t say “66” around it though; no, really – you don’t want to risk it!

Kmart has cute collector’s mugs. Though apparently they think “Bobafett” is all one word. We’ll forgive them for that, right? We’ll also let it slide that they said that these are perfect for that “special guy.” This girl would love to drink my Earl Grey, hot out of Boba Fett’s head. Don’t take that one out of context, okay?

How about using R2-Q5 to dispense your soy sauce? Again, you have to provide your own bleep and bloop noises.

Finally, your Star Wars kitchen wouldn’t be complete without The Star Wars Cookbook. Oh, and let me say that Star Wars stickers greatly improve the appearance of any Kitchen Aid mixer.

May the nonstick pan be with you!

This article was reprinted from Geek With Curves, a blog written by our own Amy Ratcliffe.


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