Jeff Goldblum Adds ‘Sausage Vendor’ To His Resume

Actor Jeff Goldblum is a man of many talents, and now we’ve discovered that he might just be the best celebrity sausage hander-outer in the business.

The actor was spotted in Sydney, Australia handing out free links from a food truck aptly named “Chef Goldblum’s.” The reasoning behind the move is a mystery that can’t be divulged – although he states that he’s filming something in the area that has something to do with food.

He concluded by saying, “Very soon you’ll know — you may be less surprised than you think.”

He reportedly had nothing to with the creation of the sausages and was merely handing them out. Whatever the case, we do know that he has been cast in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, so for the moment we’re going to assume that his character Dr. Ian Malcolm will return as an entrepreneur looking to start up a dino sausage business.

The legend himself, @jeffgoldblum, is selling sausages at Circular Quay. 🌭#sydney #barbecue #gourmet #hotdog #streetfood #chaos #keepitretail

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