Iciest Fairy Tale of Them All: An Ice Cream Castle in Norway for Little Eskimonika

Fairy Tale Ice Cream Castle

Ever dreamed of having an ice cream castle all to yourself one day? I used to, back when I was still a kid. Sadly, this dream never materialized for me–but it did, for a (fictional) little girl named Eskimonika.

Apparently, building an ice cream castle isn’t enough of a project for design agencies FRANK and Scenario Interior Architects and Norwegian ice cream makers Diplom-Is. So they had to devise some story to go along with it.

Hit the break for additional pictures of the castle and excerpts of the story.

Fairy Tale Ice Cream Castle

Fairy Tale Ice Cream Castle

Eskimonika lived at the North Pole where everything was colorless and drab. She complained to her best friend, a polar bear who said that she should drill a hole in the ice, for there was where he got all his stuff from. So said, so done. Eskimonika borrowed a ice drilling machine from her father, and drilled a hole in the ice. Suddenly all the flavors came out of the hole in the ice like an explosion, and gave the surounding ice all the different flavors that she could imagine.

Yeah, I sort of cringed, too. But the actual castle itself is all sorts of awesome.

(Awesome Architecture via Food Beast)


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