Japanese Dating Sim Asks If Your Handsome Sushi Loves You Back

sushi dating

If you think you’re a sushi lover, I’m guessing you’re not realllllly a sushi lover unless you love it so much you’d date it.

Thanks to Japan, the world now has a dating app that let’s you date sushi that’s come to life in the form of six different guys.

They are, according to Rocket News, “hot-blooded Yu Guromatsu (tuna), easygoing Kei Sukegawa (salmon), his shy little brother Iku (salmon roe), and somewhat childish Tamaki Marui (egg),” with Shrimp and Avocado set to come out in later updates.

The game, which was released May 28, is called Hei! Renai Iccho! It translates as Here You Go! One Order of Romance. You can find it in the Android and Apple store under its English title Love! Sushi Rangers.

The plot can be described thusly: a girl’s father has to go off to take a job overseas and she’s left to run the family sushi store by herself. But, never fear, sushi boys are here. Like magic, they appear a day after daddy has departed to “help”.

I’ll say this, if I had known my dating problems could be solved by sushi, I’d have started eating it looooooong ago.

I’d also watch a show called Love! Sushi Rangers! because, why not?

Check out more pictures of this sushi lovers dating app after the break.

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sushi dating 3

sushi dating 4

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