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“Lasagna Was Everywhere”: The Story Of A Delicious Disaster


Clearly, it’s a slow news day when your big headline is about a lasagna spill. That was the case in Gaffney, South Carolina where the disaster was so big that it warranted the huge, all-caps, headline “LASAGNA WAS EVERYWHERE” on the front page of The Gaffney Leger. The story itself makes for riveting reading:

Two people, a head driver and co-driver were in the cab at the time, according to Gaffney Police Chief Rick Turner, and the co-driver reportedly was behind the wheel at the time. When the truck got stuck, the head driver took control and tried to drive the truck off the tracks.

“While he was trying to do that, he (the head driver) looked up and here comes a train,” Turner said.

Both of the drivers were able to exit their cab and run across the road.

That’s not all!

The train, which was traveling at approximately 32 mph, sliced through the trailer, carrying a portion of it with it as it continued down the tracks. Cartons and boxes of frozen food spilled all over the tracks.

When the train came to a stop, its cars ended up blocking most railroad crossings in the downtown area with the exception of the T-Bridge, 3rd St. and Corry Street.

It sliced right through the trailer, people! But that was nothing compared to the horror of the cleanup.

“There was an inch of lasagna ground into the pavement,” Turner said. “They (the firefighters) came down with the truck to hose off the road but the water was beading up. They eventually used big buckets of detergent and brooms to scrub the roadway.”

You guys are going to have to give me a minute to recover. This is just too much tasty drama to handle.

(Gaffney Ledger via The Concourse, Image via Jim Romenesko)


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