This Handy Chart Shows You How To Properly Butcher A Tauntaun


Han may have sliced right into his tauntaun, but savvy butchers know there’s a right way to cut one up. This handy chart demonstrates the proper method (take special note of the “sleeping bag” section). From the product page:

Perfect for a galactic butcher shop far, far away, the Tauntaun Cuts print highlights the choicest cuts of meat inside the furry snow-romping creature which, though they smell bad on the outside, are delicious on the inside. The Tauntaun Cuts print is silkscreened on 16″ x 20″ heavy archival stock with white, black and grey with metallic silver flake inks, in a hand numbered edition of 200.

This limited edition print will be going on sale on June 5th at 12pm Pacific, so be sure to act fast if you want to be prepared the next time a tauntaun comes loping through your yard.

Product Page ($50 via io9)


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